A carpenter with only a hammer in its toolbox will always be a lousy carpenter, no matter how cool and awesome that hammer is.
PHP is an awesome language to do a lot of cool things with but it should not be the only tool in your toolbox. And when it comes to other tools / languages in a PHP developer’s toolbox, Python is probably a very good choice.

During this talk I will give a very quick introduction in the possibilities of Python from a PHP developer’s point of view: What is Python’s alternative for composer? Why are there only public properties and methods in Python classes, and is the world still spinning? And what kind of frameworks and tools are there in Python land? These and more questions we will discuss during the tour, and finally give you some idea’s on what you can do with Python (better).


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Jeroen de Jong at 10:53 on 28 Jan 2017

Interesting to see the differences in approach between python and php. Well given and the live demo/presentation was great!

Muhammed at 22:42 on 29 Jan 2017

I think my expactations where too high on this talk.

Joshua Thijssen (Speaker) at 09:22 on 30 Jan 2017

@Muhammed: Sorry to hear that. Still I hope you walked away with a little bit more knowledge :). Could you maybe elaborate a bit on what you were expecting, and how you came to your original expectation in the first place? This allows me to improve either the talk or maybe the abstract.

Very good! Already knew a bit of Python for scripting but definitely got a better grasp of the language after this talk. The highlights on the differences with PHP were very interesting (permission vs. forgiveness, everything is an object, etc.) and it was nice to discover how Python does OO. Only thing I would have loved to see is what real-life Python web app code looks like (especially with a framework: some excerpts from a Django project for instance). The live coding was a great idea and the speaker's delivery & energy were excellent.

Anonymous at 16:09 on 30 Jan 2017