A deep dive into the technical building blocks of your domain model… We’ll cover Domain-Driven Design patterns like entities, value objects, repositories and domain events. Besides the basics, we’ll cover in detail different guidelines for modelling your aggregates.

All of this is called ‘tactical DDD’ and it might just turn out to be about the fundamentals of object-oriented programming too! This workshop will lead you straight to the core of programming and ways in which you can improve your applications in general.


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Great Workshop, I learnt a lot about Entities, Aggregates and Domain Events that has not been clear to me by now

This a great workshop.
Clear assignments, good code examples, excellent knowledge transfer, learned and clarified quite a few things.

Robert Basic at 17:07 on 27 Jan 2017

Loved the format of the talk - introduce and explain new concepts, let us work with those concepts by working on an assignment/example, walk through it together with Matthias, move onto new concepts and new assignment, rinse and repeat.

Covered all the basics of DDD well I think, plus had lots of useful additional information, how and when to use DDD. Had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers using the example we were working on.

Really well done, I learned a lot.

Great workshop. Very interesting approaches. I wished that the workshop took all day to see some more practical real-life examples