State machines and the state pattern seem to be pretty underestimated in the PHP world. Most examples found are of doors and other objects that have no application in most of our projects. Starting the talk I will be explaining what the state pattern is and how it’s used in a game. Then we’ll be discovering what this can do for us in the world of web applications. Following that we’re taking a brief look at the state machine, how it’s different from the pattern and why it’s useful to us.

Instead of simply presenting you these concepts I prefer showing practical examples so you can see theory put to practice. You will be walking away from this talk with a solid understanding of the state pattern/state machine and the knowledge on when you should apply these concepts.


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Koen Cornelis at 17:04 on 28 Jan 2017

Fun speaker, good talk, live coding and fun slides.
He did cheat @ the end though :p

Certainly worth watching if you are serious about php programming.
Would 100% recommend.
Dont stop live coding. Love it

Fun talk, live demos, great speaker

Robert Basic at 23:05 on 28 Jan 2017

Good flow in the talk, nice and simple live demos, but they still show a somewhat real-world use case. Even though I knew nothing about the subject before the talk, I now see how state machines could be applied over a number of scenarios I have in my everyday life as a programmer and will look more into this subject.

Very interesting talk, speaker managed to pull off explaining quite a dry & theoretical CS concept (deterministic finite automatons) and applying it to a real-life application. The live coding was great. Speaker was very good and had good energy and enthusiasm.