Although the latest PHP versions provide us with enough types and keywords to enable object oriented development, the language itself is not truly object oriented. In pure object oriented languages, like Java, almost everything is an object. Even primitives have their object equivalent. Concepts that first look like simple values, can in fact be modelled as objects. This enables us to add a lot of behavior to them. These so called Value Objects make our code more readable, elegant, maintainable and dry. We will explore the possibilities and advantages of these Value Objects together, guided by some real world code samples.


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Stuff every php programmer should do/practice!
Very interesting.
Would 100% recommend

Koen Cornelis at 14:50 on 28 Jan 2017

Perfect marriage of theoretical explanation with practical examples and a good presentation.

Stijn teased us about this presentation in his presentation about (ab)using PHP with React PHP, and he delivered!

Nice one!

Very well structured and delivered talk. I'm learning about this stuff with my PHP Mentor, and it fitted right in.

Great talk. Loved all the practical examples of value objects throughout the talk.

Ɓukasz at 14:50 on 30 Jan 2017