I don’t have enough time” is a cry that echoes across social media and online chat rooms. Work deadlines, family obligations, hobbies that don’t involve computers — they all are taking out chunks of the time we have available to us. But there is one immutable fact –we all have the same amount of time available, some of us just find different ways to use it.

In this session learn how long-time grumpy programmer Chris Hartjes organizes and makes decisions about how to spend his time. Business owner, involved work-from-home parent, conference speaker, podcaster, collectable card game enthusiast – Chris does this all and more without feeling super-stressed about it. Was he born with this super power? Not at all. The talk will cover how Chris plans his life, his preferred tools, and strategies for figuring out what to do and when to do it. It is possible to get a lot done and not become a workaholic in the process. Sit back, relax, and let a grumpy programmer show you how to maximize your time.


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Iamabot at 14:44 on 28 Jan 2017

Made time to join this talk. Amazing talk. Always dreamed to be a superhero, but I guess that's crossed off my list now (which frees up a lot of time I guess, so that was a good investment). Discipline was mentioned, too bad there were no hacks on how to improve disciple (unless I missed it by panicking about my busy schedule)

Great talk with nice personal anecdotes that also gave me some ideas on how I can further improve my own time management.

I've been worrying about and researching how to manage my time properly, while feeling doubtful with every step I took. This talk helped me solve the insecurities and obstacles my mind was throwing at me. I feel inspired to finally do something about my issue with time management - thank you!

Thomas Devos at 15:34 on 28 Jan 2017

Thanks for tour talk. Thanks for sharing.

So good advices !

An important subject, thank you for the advice you shared on how to get organised.

Thank you, you made me think about the important stuff.

Gary Hockin at 11:36 on 29 Jan 2017

Excellent content and delivery (as usual) by Chris. I would only say that I would have loved to have had some information on how to make yourself more disciplined. Thanks Chris.

Really good talk on a non technical topic. As time goes by I'm increasingly convinced that code is not hard part of our work

Loved the story wised telling. Loved the way it was given.
Was fun to have a look into how you manage your time.
It had a lot of good pointers.
Extra plus on the discipline part!

This talk made me think about how I manage my time and what changes could I do. Thanks a lot! Good delivery, simple hints and nice sharing of experience.

This talk makes me question my priorities. Having time to do the things you love is so important. This talk delivers the intended message very well. Thank you Chris!

Mathew Hucks at 15:24 on 29 Jan 2017

Presenting skills were absolutely top notch!

Could not agree more with the first few pointers you listed (finish to start, divide every task into subtasks, make time for family, don't do too much hours, ...)

At the end of the presentation the following question was asked: "What about day to day work: do you schedule every (sub) task". I think this is hard to do, certainly if you work in a big office where things change very often, mails are coming in every few minutes or colleagues pass by your desk, etc ...
For me the presentation missed some info on how to deal with this.

Niels C at 16:06 on 29 Jan 2017

Great talk, like these non-technical talks a lot!

Awesome talk about a recognisable topic. A lot of pointers you can start right away. Chris keeps the presentation really personal with a lot of jokes. You got my attention. Now lets see how disciplined I am to apply some of your tips!

Awesome 4 day work week hack btw! ;)

Michelangelo van Dam at 22:13 on 29 Jan 2017

The only session I got to see and the talk was given perfectly. Even though the concept of getting things done is not new, Chris showed us that you don't need fancy apps to follow up on your todos, just a calendar and a 4-day workweek gives you the freedom to balance life and work.

Great talk, you gave me some new tips to think about while trying to do my own struggle in time management

Dries Vints at 21:22 on 1 Feb 2017

You pretty much made me look into a mirror and think about the last few months in my life. Thanks for an amazing and inspiring talk.

James Titcumb at 13:03 on 2 Feb 2017

Although this talk *could* be boiled down to "use your calendar better", that's what it's helped me do. I was already using my calendar a lot, but I'm now using it much more effectively. There's plenty of other related tips however, and important point about discipline which is really important. You've made a positive difference in my life Chris (albeit a small difference), and I'm not even being sarcastic for once. Thanks for your talk!