Have you heard about the two hardest things in computer science? It’s cache invalidation and naming things. I want to focus on the second one.

Let’s see common examples of both good and bad naming. What’s the common part of each of them? What’s makes names good? Can we settle on good enough or should we aim for perfect names? I’ll show some of best and bad practices so you’ll be able to recognize both of them when you make code review for your peers. Naming is one of two hardest things in CS, so I don’t claim to be right about everything but I’m open to discussion and happy to learn from you as well.


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Timo Schinkel at 09:35 on 29 Jan 2018

The topic and slides showed great potential. I was disappointed with the way it was presented; very monotonous.

Robin Brackez at 12:12 on 29 Jan 2018

I think this talk was aimed at the wrong audience. The speaker showed beginners-mistakes examples, and I think most attendees were professionals who're already passed these mistakes. There were some good questions from the audience afterwards (like "what if the domain has a non-English vocabulary?"). So if you'd do this talk again, I would make it more advanced with more real life examples.

Talk highlight problems related with poor naming of variables, methods, classes etc. Content of presentation were very good, Pawel speak in quite monotonous way so public speaking part for sure can be improved , but I would really recommend to see that presentation to each php developer.

Jasper Kennis at 14:59 on 29 Jan 2018

Some good pointers. Had no big issues with Pawel's style. Not the best solutions offered though.

Maybe a little too much focused on beginners which was also reflected in the q&a.
Speaking style could use some improvements