The much hyped “Microservice Architecture” tells us to design our services to be autonomous. Let’s find out what this means and how we can achieve it. In this talk I will guide you through the fascinating world of asynchronous communication, event-driven systems and distributed data.


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interesting, but could use more handson / practical examples, since it was fairly short anyway.

James Titcumb at 18:34 on 26 Jan 2018

Nice talk, good theory to apply.

Jurgen Rutten at 18:43 on 26 Jan 2018

Too generic. Missed some decent examples

Interesting talk, recongisable situations.

Martin V at 13:10 on 27 Jan 2018

Well presented talk, as always. I wish talk was a little bit longer, some real code examples will be useful. I appreciate amount of time you spent on preparations, including drawins, I like them!

Good talk. I would have loved to see some concrete examples to flesh it out more - there would have been time for more content.

Robert Broen at 14:51 on 27 Jan 2018

Interesting subject, the talk was a bit abstract.

Nic Wortel at 15:50 on 27 Jan 2018

As always, it was great to hear Matthias' insights about autonomous microservices and software architecture in general. (disclaimer: I am a former colleague of him) Having read his book "Microservices for Everyone" I was already familiar with most of the concepts, so I was hoping for more practical tips and tricks. I feel like the talk could be improved by adding some of those, also given the fact that the talk felt rather short. Nevertheless, if you are new to the concept of microservices, or if you are looking for ways to make your existing microservices more autonomous, fault-tolerant and decoupled, I definitely recommend seeing this talk (and reading his book on the topic).

It was a great talk, but it ended to soon. I missed examples.
I wasn't sure what to expect from this talk, so when I later on heard there had been a tutorial I was disappointed that I didn't attend that. Maybe you can do a similar tutorial next year? ;)

Jelle Smeets at 20:58 on 27 Jan 2018

Good talk on how to make the microservices actually autonomous. But I think the talk was on the shorter side, would loved it to hear a bit more about it.

Guy Steels at 12:44 on 28 Jan 2018

Interesting talk, good speaker.

I've been wanting to see Matthias talk for many years. So I was really excited to get the opportunity.

Content was good and well delivered. Slides were excellent.

Unfortunately the prepared content only filled half the slot. If it has stretched to 40mins+ I'd have rated this 5 stars. However the slides finished after the 30min mark.

Whilst audience input is interesting I'd far listen to prepared material from the expert.

I think I was expecting something else from the talk, perhaps there was not that much "fascinating" things mentioned, though it's quite subjective :) It was informative, nice examples and good flow of the talk.

Interesting topic, given well.
I'm joining the "examples" group. It would have made it a lot better :)

Joey at 19:38 on 29 Jan 2018

I really liked the talk, lots of awesome insights. I guess the presentation could've been a bit longer.

The answers to the questions at the end were very insightful and what I really liked was the fact that Matthias was not afraid to admit that he didn't know something.

Too generic, good for beginners, but more details and depth would be great!