Jenkins is a great CI tool. Especially if you need a high degree of customization and if other cloud players are simply not a fit for your needs. However when you need to manage a lot of jobs, this can quickly become a pain in the neck. What if you could automate all this? This talk will show you how to do this through different easy approaches and examples. Oh, and Jenkins is not only for java projects ;)


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Many interesting info about jenkins dsl plugin. Good job!

Bart Reunes at 09:00 on 29 Jan 2018

Shame the examples can only be used while disabling the default safeguards. Might be interesting to see if there are better workarounds. Interesting talk nonetheless.

Toni Van de Voorde (Speaker) at 09:08 on 29 Jan 2018

@Bart All the examples (with the exception of demo5bis) can be used with maximum safeguards. It's only when you want to import custom packages (!topic/job-dsl-plugin/lYgX3boW0Pk)

All have to make that more clear in the future.