In this workshop we’ll dive into the topic of Autonomous Service development, with a sandbox project containing several interdependent services. These projects send messages to each other, and they call each other to retrieve data. In other words, they’re not autonomous at all. We’ll figure out some ways in which we can invert dependencies and leverage a messaging solution to achieve autonomy after all.

In a relatively short period you’ll get acquainted with the basics of asynchronous integration, CQRS, event sourcing and integrating bounded contexts.


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Lucas Aerbeydt at 15:29 on 26 Jan 2018

Thanks for the fun and quick exercise to get a more practical feel about the subject, and tackling some important hurdles through the extra questions

Even though I arrived late, I could follow up the assignments and the explanation. The examples were precise and concise made us think about what belongs to what bounded context... Just left the workshop with a lot of stuff to think about and refactoring to do in the used code. Also thumbs up to invite the participants present their solution in front of the class building a great environment for sharing and learning.