nternet of Things, City of Things, Smart Cities,… they’re all vague descriptions for the same thing : a collection of networked devices providing or consuming information. But how do these devices work and how can a web developer not only use their data, but actually work with the devices directly ? We’ll have a look at some very cool yet useful and easy-to-build implementations that will work in any web language. Get ready for a whole new world of possibilities through the world of IoT.

IoT is hot topic and not something you see a lot at development conferences (except for IoT conferences). This talk will show several use cases for a number of devices that are inexpensive and widely available (Raspberry PI, Arduino and ESP8266), demonstrating how they work, how easy it is to get started with them, as well as how to interface them with REST APIs.

I will also focus on the very important aspect of security.

I wll bring a bunch of devices for everyone to play with, allowing you to figure out how things work.

Over the 3h tutorial, we’ll build an application that reads sensors, controls lights, (un)locks doors, etc.


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