Most of us are probably aware of code smells, code that doesn't apply SOLID principles, code that should be refactored to make the system easier to maintain. But there are other coding horrors that should trigger alarm bells whenever we see them. Like a good horror movie, coding horrors should scare us when we find them, because they're often symptomatic of deeper problems. So let's take a short tour of some of the greatest horror movies ever made; and some of the most worrying code horrors that I've seen."


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Ronny Coolen at 17:17 on 26 Jan 2018

Brilliant talk about the very worst of php code, beautifully linked to the best horror films ever made

Very good talk about good horrors and bad code ;) Well presented

I liked movie-problems category connections.

I really saw the horror and I know the feeling, so it was quite nice to see other people dealing with the same issues. Some of the examples for fixing the issues were not really neat and some had hidden bugs, like the one for `GROUP_CONCAT ` it will work, but only until 1024 chars as this is the limit of `GROUP_CONCAT`.