Building PHP applications using Domain-driven design techniques results in code that is easier to modify, maintain, and test, and a better user experience. Once you try DDD, you will never design software in the same way again.

In this tutorial, we will start by learning how to build a strong ubiquitous language with stakeholders. Then, we will learn the benefits of encapsulating business logic in value objects using test-driven development.

Next, we will move on to using bounded contexts, entities, and aggregate roots to manage state and protect invariants. We will also cover more advanced topics in the DDD world, such as event sourcing and command query responsibility segregation.

No prior knowledge of domain-driven design required.


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Very good workshop! I've actually learned some useful tips and gotten a few ideas on how to use them in my work.

Ivan Herak at 16:50 on 26 Jan 2018

A lot of useful stuff in the workshop, however, I was hoping for a bit more actual work - either coding or something similar to "event storming" at the beginning of the workshop.

Michiel Kodde at 09:55 on 27 Jan 2018

Liked the workshop a lot. The event storming practicum was very practical. The time restraint prevented much hands on coding. The presentation was good and informative.

Henk at 15:47 on 27 Jan 2018

Good workshop, could have used a bit more actually coding.

Very interesting workshop. I learned things: how to define a Domain model in team ('event storming')...

Always interesting to have another point of view.

I like the business that you took :).

Miro Svrtan at 22:15 on 28 Jan 2018

Speaker was great and workshop was really awesome.

Just a suggestion, I would have preferred if we did something else instead of ES/CQRS introduction in last 60min:

1) 60 mins for ES/CQRS intro is just not enough
2) it was not mentioned in abstract
3) we didn't get to do any coding

While I'm biased as I do use ES/CQRS, just saying I would have preferred if we went deeper into subject at hand than wider into others

David Meert at 09:41 on 30 Jan 2018

I'm sold on the concept, very good session and interesting topic ( I'll be able to brew some quality code ;-) )