A look into the internals of PHP; How it came to be, how it works, and how PHP 7 leapt far out in front of its predecessor on performance and memory consumption with some thoughts on what’s next for PHP 8.


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It’s good to see what goes on under the hood, and Sara gave us a good tour with just the right amount of detail to avoid being too scary.

Jelle Smeets at 21:04 on 27 Jan 2018

Great talk, gave more insight in how PHP works under the hood. Easy to follow for even someone who has no further knowledge of tokens or AST.

Henk at 09:48 on 28 Jan 2018

These are the kind of topics I visit these conferences for. Amazing, even though you were recovering from a cold. You got me interested in php-src development.

Very interesting talk. It's great to learn more about what happens behind the scenes.

Bruno at 21:51 on 28 Jan 2018

One of my favourites of the conference.

I liked 'this is what is inside - this is how You can peek there yourself' approach. I really loved how clearly it was explained.

Robin Brackez at 12:19 on 29 Jan 2018

Advanced talk about what happens behind the curtains. It was really interesting to have a look at this, although I got lost somewhere near the end. But it was really nice to listened to a speaker who has such a deep knowledge of php and its internals.

Absolutely loved this talk!

I already heard great things about Sara as a speaker and now I know they are true!
Would watch again!

Timo Schinkel at 15:49 on 29 Jan 2018

A great insight into how the internals of php work. My knowledge of C is zero and yet the information supplied in the talk was really understandable.

Joey at 19:34 on 29 Jan 2018

Awesome. The contents of the talk was really cool, awesome to see how PHP works under the hood. Sara's presentations skills are also top-notch and she answered the questions really well, lots of humor and very smart.

Anonymous at 09:21 on 30 Jan 2018

Brilliant! Really good talk and fantastic speaker. Very interesting to learn a bit about the internals of PHP.

This talk really conveyed the passion of what it means to be a PHP developer. Though not strictly relevant for day-to-day programming, it is interesting to see what goes on under the hood. It was brought with such enthusiasm that it's hard not to get excited about PHP, its history and its future.

JGS at 13:50 on 12 Feb 2018

Were to view or download the presentation?