This session will cover the developments of the JavaScript / ECMAScript language in recent years, to give you a quick update on how JavaScript can be written in 2018.

The pace of the JS community has remained very high for several years now, and it is often easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of options and new developments. I will present a limited set of features and tools to let you join us in the future without decision paralysis.


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Lucas Aerbeydt at 15:32 on 26 Jan 2018

Good overview, but some quick examples would have livened up the presentation a bit.

Bart Reunes at 08:38 on 29 Jan 2018

Quick overview to get you up to speed, but some simple code examples would have benefited the talk.

The overview was good, examples would have made it better :-)

Good and as far as I could tell complete overview

Nice time travel on how javascript ecosystem has been evolving before/since jQuery. Good info about how to fill the gap between "jQuery" developers to pure/modern javascript libraries.