Many developers get lost in the hype of object oriented design. They miss out on how expressive and succinct their code could be if they tried functional programming.

Take Monads, for instance. Many developers haven’t even heard the name, much less are able to describe what Monads are and how they can be useful in every-day code.

In this talk, we’ll gain a clear and simple understanding of what Monads are, and how they can help us to refactor our code to be clear and concise.


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I think I now understand what a monad is. But I am not convinced that I should use monads in php.

Joey at 16:03 on 29 Jan 2018

I really, really liked your presentation on presenting how Monads could be used to deal with optionals in PHP code, for example.

At the end, however, I kinda missed a conclusion with these are monads.