Symfony has a wide userbase today. Most who work with Symfony on a daily basis have configured their own services, are fluent in configuring routing and validators.

But what is actually going on under the hood? What happens when the configuration is parsed? What is a cache warmup? What happens to a request before hitting your controller? How does the HttpKernel work? This talk helps you gain insight into the inner workings of the framework. If you have used Symfony, but have never build a compiler pass, a cache warmer, or are wondering how exactly the container is built, this talk is for you.


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Nice talk: the guy realy knows his stuff ?

Henk at 09:43 on 28 Jan 2018

Nice talk, even though I already knew most of it, it was great to revisit it and solidify the knowledge.

Robert Broen at 17:23 on 28 Jan 2018

Good talk, my work involves mostly Zend Frameword and Laravel, but it was very interesting to see the examples in Symfony. I like the walk through and in my mind I kept comparing them to the frameworks I know. It is not clear to me if the elegance of the examples is typical Symfony or the work of Andreas, but they were nice to look at and easy to follow.

Bruno at 20:48 on 28 Jan 2018

Great talk!

I think it was nice recap

Leon Boot at 12:06 on 29 Jan 2018

Very interesting talk. Not having bothered to dive into Symfony's guts that much myself, only assuming how things work internally, it was good to hear that most of my assumptions were correct. This information definitely helps me decide how to approach certain things in Symfony.

Very clear and very concise talk.
The slides we're nicely divided and showed where we were each time in between the sections.

Well done!

Great explanation of the philosophy and inner workings of Symfony by an expert on the topic. Slightly dry stuff, but good to know about and base architecture off of.

I loved it! A lot of times I wanted to learn these things, so that I am able to know how they work, but also use the Symfony components separately, rather than in the whole bundle that's the framework. Could be cleaned and made more fluent.