We all make mistakes, as much as we try to write flawless code, every now and then an error slips through. In order to reduce this number we do code reviews to ensure the code meets certain standards and to see if the feature was properly implemented. But how do you do a good code review? How do you handle technical discussions? How do you keep your reviews focused and your discussions relevant? In this talk I would like to show you how you can do proper code reviews, what to look out for when doing them, how to give feedback to the developer and a bunch of other tips to improve this process.


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Second time I've seen this talk and it's as great as the first time.

interesting, good speaker, but hoped for a little more depth. bonus point for doing so well without a mic.

I really enjoyed this talk, interesting topic, engaging speaker, nice share of wisdom. 5/7 would attend again.

Ivan Herak at 16:48 on 26 Jan 2018

Interesting and engaging talk, speaker with a lot of energy. Useful topic, and well presented.
Nice that the audience picked up the discussion at the end a bit, good to hear different opinions and workflows.

Michiel Kodde at 18:23 on 26 Jan 2018

Great talk! Easy to follow. Nice real world examples.

James Titcumb at 18:33 on 26 Jan 2018

Good exploration, and nice to include pair programming too. Nice mention of security in reviews too

Jurgen Rutten at 18:41 on 26 Jan 2018

Good talk, nice energy :)

Everyone involved in software development should listen to this talk at least once. :-)

Bruno at 10:57 on 27 Jan 2018

Great speaker.

This is really a talk you have to listen at least once. Most of the stuff in this talk is things you already know, but it will help you improve your code reviews (or implement them if you don't have them).

Very good talk and well presented. And respect for how you did not let the soundcheck in the background distract you.

Robert Broen at 14:49 on 27 Jan 2018

Things you should know for sure.

So much truth. A must hear for all people not doing reviews in their current job!

Nic Wortel at 15:31 on 27 Jan 2018

A very interesting talk both for people who are new to code reviews and those who already use them as part of their development process. Apart from discussing the basics (such as why code reviews are valuable, and what you should look for when doing a code review), Rick gave some valuable tips for improving the effectiveness of code reviews, such as following the "code review etiquette" and automating linting and code style checking so the review can focus on the important stuff. As for the presentation itself, Rick came over confident and relaxed and did a good job in engaging the public. The issues with the sound system and staff sound checking during the talk make this even more impressive. All things considered, I would definitely recommend this talk to anyone.

Koen Cornelis at 15:43 on 27 Jan 2018

Good speaker, good slides, interesting topic and good tips. We even get the slides, huzzah all round!

The information was clear and very well structured, given by a speaker with a lot of energy and an amazing sense of humor. Overall this talk turned out to be my favorite.

Jelle Smeets at 20:56 on 27 Jan 2018

Great talk! Only thing i can think of to improve is maybe use some examples what you ran into during code reviews.

Realtime good talk and nice tips and tricks for the future. Thank you Rick! ??

Guy Steels at 11:40 on 28 Jan 2018

Interesting talk, very good speaker :thumbsup:

Rein Corselis at 09:31 on 29 Jan 2018

Good summary

Jasper Kennis at 14:53 on 29 Jan 2018

Generic, but made a lot of sense. Would have liked to hear some more new ideas/methods.

Good talk flow, good information and a lot of useful takeouts. It confirmed we are approaching our code review problems in a correct way and gave some new insights to explore! Would be nice to learn about tools that might help with this, having a small sharing session after the talk was a great idea.

Timo Schinkel at 15:36 on 29 Jan 2018

Well spoken, good slides. Found some possibilities we can improve our own review process.

Pim Elshoff at 19:34 on 29 Jan 2018

How could I not give 5/5? Event through all the mic troubles, with a cold and a tough crowd on the first rows you were rock solid. You're sometimes a bit afraid to take a stand for what you say, but that's ok. Great content everyone should know, good speaker everyone should hear.

Joey at 19:35 on 29 Jan 2018

Really awesome talk. Speaker has a lot of humor, it was a very light talk although the topic can be quite daunting.

Very accessible talk.

The speaker definitely deserves credit for not being phased at all by the microphone and sound issues.