Modeling complex problems is hard and often leads to very complicated code. Controllers, repositories, services, conditions, forms – client’s business requirements sometimes infiltrate all these layers, everything is mixed together, making code really difficult to read, understand and develop. When you want extend business logic, but you need to dig in tens (or even hundreds) lines of controller action, trying to understand what are all these objects for and what other places should be changed too, it’s time to try different approach… “Thinking in events” means that you can be fully focused on problem domain, implementing testable business logic and associated rules, not on database, web framework or other implementation details.

During this workshop you will learn how to use event/command buses in your app, apply Event Sourcing to store all history or split reads from writes with CQRS to increase performance, scalability and security. Being concentrated on client real problem the same time, without any distractions from code.


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Marco Pivetta at 13:37 on 26 Jan 2018

Inspirational and useful workshop. While I am still quite experienced in this topic, I still managed to learn a few tricks about prooph ?

Very nice and well given workshop. Nice to have also an introduction the event storming and to see how easy it is to start with prooph.

very interesting. good examples and a clear explanation.

The introduction to event storming and event sourcing generally was very good. But it was more a talk/demo than a workshop imo. We were asked to bring a dev environment with php 7.1 and mysql, but I did not really use it. Following what you were doing was informative as well.

But certainly worth hearing.

Very good

I learned a lot here. Good conversational style, asking questions to see how we could follow along.