We have all seen some pretty interesting things happen when using floats. You might even know how to get around most of these problems. But why do these problems occur? Why do floats become so inaccurate when working with really small, or really large numbers? In this talk, we will take a look at decimal values through the eyes of a computer to get a better understanding of whats going on behind the scenes.


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James Titcumb at 18:28 on 27 Jan 2018

Very good talk, a bit of humour was good. Actually got very complex, which I didn't expect, but that kept me engaged

Henk at 09:45 on 28 Jan 2018

I'm happy you kept the stand-up-thing at just once. It did ruin the talk though.

Great talk which really shone some light on the topic of floating point numbers in detail. Delivered in a way that pretty much anyone even without much IT background would have been able to understand.