For the last few years, PHP community has been buzzing about ES/CQRS, pretty much there was a talk on every conference. Now it’s time to see how it worked out for me in practice.

ES/CQRS is a different approach to building applications from what we all have been thought to do for years. I’m not going to introduce Event Sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (ES & CQRS) but speak about my experiences in developing & running it on production.

I have implemented it on few projects: in some I run it as a part of bigger application, while in some it’s just the core and one where everything is event driven. The shift in architecture and mindset is pretty big: while code structures and logic became simple, amount of code and workflows get complicated to the point of ‘where did I loose this input?’.

Not to go into too many details, I’ve had to learn lot of DDD practices that I feel have made me a better developer and use some of the knowledge gathered in this projects into ‘everyday’ code of projects that I work on.


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Michiel Kodde at 10:06 on 27 Jan 2018

Nice talk with hands on experiences.

Hugo Hamon at 11:17 on 27 Jan 2018

Very interesting talk giving experience feedbacks. I would have expected to see some actual code of your real world projects though. Thanks.

We are starting with CQRS/ES, so it was very interesting to hear about the caveats. I also like a speaker with humor, so +1 for that.

Very interesting talk with concrete examples and encountered issues regarding CQRS & co

Great job, very entertaining and several good tips. The transition between the many topics could be smoother, or it could have less topics in exchange for more depth, but overall this was a very well-rounded talk anyway

Robert Broen at 17:14 on 28 Jan 2018

Very informative and full of warnings. The Q&A afterwards contained more real life practical information, with input coming from the room and yourself, this provided lots of insights about the subject.

Miro Svrtan (Speaker) at 22:28 on 28 Jan 2018

Thank you all for your feedback!

@Hugo Hamon: Even if I had open hands on to show any of the code (most of it is client work), if you don't know/understand the domain not sure how showing you the code would help out. If you are interested in seeing the code, I would suggest checking out prooph & broadway examples to get the feeling of the code.

@Gabriel Somoza: Yeah, transitioning is bothering me as well, I keep adjusting things but seems I fix one transition and create problems on another

Bart Reunes at 08:50 on 29 Jan 2018

Doing this in our own projects, the shared experiences were very relatable, and the examples right on point! Sound advice, clear explanations.

Timo Schinkel at 15:43 on 29 Jan 2018

Clearly explanation of a difficult topic. The examples were really clear.

Good talk with good tips, it ran a bit short so maybe refresh some ddd concepts or show example design/code