The PHP community is rich with self taught developers from a wide variety of backgrounds because, thanks to efforts from that same community, it is one of the most accessible languages ever created for developing on the web. As a result, many of us are well into our professional lives before we integrate computer science concepts, like algorithms, into our knowledge base. This talk will look at several such algorithms, what they are useful for, but also their limitations and how we can use a clear understanding of the real world context in which we’re using them to create code that performs and serves our users better than the algorithms alone could manage.


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Scott Dutton at 17:09 on 25 Jan 2019

I had not head of Margaret before, but she is now one of the best people I have seen. Really engaging on what many would consider a dry topic.

Really enjoyed your talk!

I loved the energy and the easy approach on a very theoretical and technical topic.

Koen Cornelis at 14:25 on 27 Jan 2019

I loved this talk. It was fun, had good slides and was a down to earth look at algorithms.

A few points that bugged me none the less:
- some slides were distracting. The zoom in/out of the planet for example. It's nice to use gifs, but not when you're explaining stuff that needs full attention.
- at times the slides didn't fully support what was being said so that it was difficult to follow.

That said, one of my favorite talks of the conference.

Bart McLeod at 20:53 on 27 Jan 2019

Thank you for your entertaining talk. Great artwork in your slides. A bit distractive at times, but very funny. You speak fast. For a non-native English person, a bit too fast at times, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. You said you have been developing an attitude. Looks good on you. Thanks again.

Very high energy talk that was very welcome after the keynote.

Tim Huijzers at 00:11 on 30 Jan 2019

Great seeing someone speak with so much enthusiasm about a subject that's frankly a bit stuffy. Also great to actually learn something new even if I already forgot most of it.

Jens Trio at 12:00 on 31 Jan 2019

Enthusiast talk about an interesting subject.
You went sometimes a bit too fast and the slides were somewhat distracting by times, but overall well done!