We always start with the best intentions when we create a new project. But over time we might end up with parts of our code that are hard to read or/and understand.

Here we will take you through a series of exercises you can apply to your day to day coding. These should help you to end up with more readable code. Also in the second part we will talk about some best practices, when incorporated will give you improved code and readability. And to end there are other factors to take into account, people will use or abuse your application and there are external tools to help you with that.

When done we should have some idea how to incorporate the tricks in our day to day programming tasks.


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Harold Claus at 19:10 on 25 Jan 2019

Good talk, great subject! It's these simple things which get easily forgotten. So a quick reminder on how to apply the simple "rules" is more than useful!
1 question though: What's up with the frogs? ?

I good set of rules and strategies to make code robust. It was rather beginners level so i feel like i did not learn many new things, but got a good reminder of why we do things the way we do it.

Wouter Samyn at 12:15 on 28 Jan 2019

A great topic which can not get enough attention. It's too easy to forget about those basics, so a quick reminder is always useful.
The talk had great content, good code examples and was overall well structured. You didn't only focus on "how we should write code" but also took your time to explain the "why we should write it that way", which was a great asset.

Great content, good presentation and a kick-ass bandshirt to rock your talk