Ever been to a conference, get inspired, try to bring what you learned back to the office, only to be stymied by co-workers who aren’t interested in rocking the status quo? It turns out that people tend to resist change in patterns, and like any pattern they can be overcome by using other people’s experiences with those skeptics. This session will teach you how to identify the skeptics, how to counter them, and give you a strategic framework to convince your whole office.


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Intresting, hope to get more tips but still very helpful

Very informative. A to the point explanation of the various types of people you can encounter and how to bring them on board. I will definitely think of this talk when I find myself in one of those situations again ;)

I really liked this talk. It was nice to have something non-technical between all the tech talks. The content wasn't just good advice on how to deal with nay-sayers in your organization, but was also really helpful for some self-reflection.

It was good for example that personally, I'm probably often a "burned" type and when people suggest things, I should try and be more open about them before shooting them down.

Great! This talk had me thinking about my colleagues, in ways I'm not going to write here publicly, but it definitely helped give me ideas how to sell my ideas to the crowd ;)

Miro Svrtan at 16:46 on 28 Jan 2019

I had 'Driving Technical Change' book in my reading todo list for quite a while now and was really looking forward to get the quick gist, which moved the book to the top of my list in order to dive bit deeper on the topic.

Speaker was brilliant, only thing I have to remark is not using presenter which forced him to go back and forth, sometimes skipping a slide by mistake.

I think there are few more tips that can be persued (like taking ownership of a project when dealing with time-crunched or cynics).

Also thumbs up for not 'selling' the book but only mentioning it, something I have resented a bit to some other speakers in the past

This was so much more then I expected. I was expecting a talk about personal experiences about trying to onboard new tech in the company. But it ended up being a little manual on how to analyse peoples behavior in negotiations and also strategies on how to convinces. You had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I have to add that I never did much research on this subject so it was a lot of new information which always is a big plus.

ps. It seems I should've read the intro to the talk more thoroughly.

Tim Huijzers at 00:12 on 30 Jan 2019

best perspective I heard about the subject in a long while.

Jens Trio at 11:52 on 31 Jan 2019

Interesting and entertaining talk. It was fun to compare some colleagues with the different types of people you've mentioned.
I'm sure this talk will help me to handle some types better in the future.