In this workshop we will take a look at common security failings from a new perspective: that of the hacker. You’ll be provided with a set of different sites each exhibiting a different security flaw, the challenge will be to find and exploit it and in doing so learn how to protect your own sites.

All the sites will be run locally inside docker containers so don’t worry about breaking any laws! Obviously this means that you will need to bring a laptop which is capable of running docker containers in order to participate in this workshop.


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Good fun, low threshold and the last hacks presented just enough of a challenge. The actual solutions were quite obvious in hindsight. Clever challenges.

Scott Dutton at 17:13 on 26 Jan 2019

Good content in the workshop. The scenarios were well thought out. There seemed to be a large amount of time between challenges but with such a large group there will always be a mix of abilities.

It was a very great workshop ! once again thanks a lot for that ! I would appreciate if you could share your slides and the solutions :-)