Kubernetes, the flagship project from the Cloud Native Foundation, has become the de facto standard for running our container workloads.

Unfortunately, Kubernetes is a fast moving, ever evolving, sea of complexity. From Pods to Deployments, ConfigMaps to Secrets, and PersistantVolumeClaims to StatefulSets; this workshop will get you on-course.

In this workshop, David will walk you through a series of labs that will teach you everything you need to know to take your container based application and deploy it as a self-healing, redundant and resilient application on top of Kubernetes.

Let’s set sail.


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Excellent hands-on introduction into working with Kubernetes. Not too much theory, just get your hands dirty. And along the way you learn the concepts and terminology of Kubernetes. I loved it!

Great starter introduction to Kubernetes, sadly there was just not enough time to cover everything. Couple things I think could help save some time:

- Extend the preparation instructions. Don't just tell people to install Kubernetes, but make sure they check it's actually working.
- Maybe have attendees check out a basic repository with manifest files they can edit themselves/base their solutions from.

Really enjoyed the talk. It was well delivered and showed incredible skill in presenting and dealing with technical failure during the live demo (for who didn't attend he made it work in the end). Being able to change the order of your subjects and maintaining a good story-line is awesome. One thing I would have liked to see in the talked is a "mount" based workflow that doesn't require image rebuilds (which is very common for docker-compose/ based workflows). All in all the balance between "this is the landscape" and "this is what it actually looks like" was very good.

Damnit, I rated the wrong item!