Docker is a tool that allows you to package your application up into a single-runnable, distributable, binary; which is great for deploying your applications to production … but what about local development?

Allow me to introduce you to Docker and it’s fundamentals, before quickly moving on to crafting great development environments, with Docker Compose, that encapsulate your non-PHP dependencies: such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and more.

You’ll walk away from this session with the knowledge to write your own container based workflows, for development and production; so be prepared to throw away your Vagrantfile’s when you get back to the office.


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Great talk! Can't wait to check the slides

Dave Stokes at 16:30 on 26 Jan 2019

Great tutorial

Bart McLeod at 21:32 on 27 Jan 2019

You just made Kubernetes understandable to me, great job!

Ike Devolder at 21:02 on 30 Jan 2019

There was a nice set of tools offered to be able to run containers in development and eventually in production.

Sadly the live demo at some point did not really want to cooperate, but still big thumbsup for doing it live.

I was not completely convinced you would walk away from this talk knowing how to get it all done, but I think there was great content to get you going and start your research for containerized development environments.