How does Doctrine talk to your database? What are Unit Of Work, Identity Map and Proxy? These are the questions I want to answer in this talk. We will look at how Doctrine ORM implements these patterns, why and most importantly why you should care about this.

Have you ever wondered why Doctrine makes queries when you didn’t expect it? Did you encounter a “A new entity was found through the relationship”-error and just randomly tried things until it works? You are not alone! Let’s look behind the curtains of Doctrine and figure these things out.


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You clearly explained how the internals of doctrine work, and you illustrated this with the source code of doctrine, which I found very interesting. Also you gave good insight in how you can try to reduce the number of queries doctrine generates, and it was also good to hear which features will disappear in doctrine 3.

What I learned the most here was the small dive into the internals of Doctrine. This really helped my understanding. Thank you.

I certainly have learned a lot about how Doctrine works, thank you for that. However, if I may put forward one small negative : you were at times hard to follow because of how fast you were talking at times. Other than that, great talk

Mike Lehan at 12:14 on 21 Feb 2019

I enjoyed the talk and learning about the internals of Doctrine was helpful. I did find it hard to follow in places because it moved quickly, though that may have been because I didn't already have any Doctrine internals knowledge. What may have helped would be to see how understanding these principles can directly impact how you'd build an application differently, as that could be put directly into practice.