MySQL can now be used as a NoSQL JSON Document Store without the need for embedding ugly strings of Structured Query Language in your beautiful PHP code. The CRUD functions follow modern programming designs and are the same across all the supported languages (Node.JS, Java, C++,Python, JS, and PHP) and the protocol greatly reduces the threat of SQL injection. Oh and all this also works with good old SQL tables so you get the best of both worlds.

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Scott Dutton at 17:09 on 26 Jan 2019

Great talk from Dave, Loads of examples of really cool new features in MySQL8. Can't wait to upgrade to try these.

Dave done brilliantly during the power outage mid talk too.

Jos Elstgeest at 21:22 on 26 Jan 2019

Good talk, nice introduction to the x devapi and the new possibilities it provides.

You might want to update your mysql php code example slide though, the mysql extension has been removed from php 7.

Koen Cornelis at 14:29 on 27 Jan 2019

A good talk, but a tad too much sales-pitch and a tad too little practical examples.