Message queues are the perfect way to decentralize your application. You may use them for communication, scheduling and decentralization of your application. With help from a message queue you may decouple your application from the framework and the infrastructure. Which means that your app is written in pure PHP and not Symfony/Laravel/Yii etc.

With some smart configuration on your message bus you may put the message queue outside of your application and you may leverage from a decentralized and asynchronous system.

This talk will quickly go throw the basics of queues, hexagonal design and show proof of concept with Symfony’s new messenger component.


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Awesome talk! Very interesting, and a very clean and clear delivery. Lots of subtle jokes too.

Alexander at 07:24 on 26 Jan 2019

Great talk. You kept my attention the whole hour. I liked that you showed good hands on examples.

I will give you 4 stars and when Im in your slides 5. Nvm, 5 stars anyway.

Clear explanation about the working of the messenger component. Also it was cool to hear about the problems that are being tackled for the next version.

Amazing talk. I liked that you showed us how you started out and why you switched to using the queues, busses and messenger component. Nice practical tips and tricks as well.
During the Q&A someone asked about 'what happens when something goes wrong?'. It might be interesting to go into that a little more. Maybe not in this talk, but in a separate one, next year or so ;)

Jokes were on point.

Sam Lambert at 20:07 on 26 Jan 2019

Great talk, very inspiring.

Great talk on the messenger component and 'how to queue' with commands and handlers.

I liked the part where you showed 'old' code (2013 and how it progressed.

Some good jokes in there as well!

Great talk which also highlighted the 'fan' part which is very common with beginners with frameworks. I'm still guilty of that with Symfony.

Not much to say here - a natural speaker explaining a not so easy concept (at least not for me) superbly. The way you can capture a crowds attention is unbelievable

Bart McLeod at 21:25 on 27 Jan 2019

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// just a very good talk, useful information, lots of inspiration, thank you.

Very funny and interesting talk. Touches on stuff that even made my team question some of their previous decisions and showed one of my best topic about DDD as well as CQRS and separation of concerns. Very good talk!

Everything everyone else mentioned + props for the slide animations.

Jens Trio at 11:57 on 31 Jan 2019

One of the best talks of the conference for me. You managed to keep my attention for the whole hour, which is pretty hard.
It was nice to have a presentation where you actually tell a story and show how you progressed compared to your old code.
The subject wasn't too easy and you managed to explain it pretty good.