Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, Adsdaq, a Brussels based company, was born in all its youthful glory. In the years since that fateful day, Adsdaq has grown from a modest three, to a more mature, international team of 13 developers. Although ours may not be a story of princesses, witches or dragons, the last 10 years have nevertheless been full of triumphs and battles, successes and failures, and most importantly, well-learned lessons that have helped us to grow and mature in our working process. The differences between working with or without Agile have notably marked some of our most important learning experiences, the most salient of which we would like to share with you. As such, this session is designed to illustrate how we have integrated Agile at Adsdaq in a way that has worked for us. It will cover the different steps we have taken (with their own metaphorical evil demons and brave knights, of course), the different tools and techniques (swords and magic wands) we have used along the way, and the ways we have successfully found to motivate our full team of developers (battle cry). At the end, we ideally hope that from our story-telling, you will be able to bring some of our lessons back to your own company in order to improve the results along your own Agile adventure!



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Cool story with a nice castle for the product and how they improved the management of their team. An unrelated to dev talk but very useful since a lot of developers are using AGILE daily.