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Bart Ducheyne at 11:30 on 28 Jan 2019

Liked your talk a lot, only think that if your not yet using most of the tools it was probably a bit hard to follow and understand.
Would have done mini demo or at least screenshots of what happens if you run those checks.

Scott Dutton (Speaker) at 11:48 on 28 Jan 2019

Hi Bart. This was originally a full hour talk, Slides here https://joind.in/event/php-yorkshire-2018/moving-towards-better-coding-standards Hopefully that will help. Was just removing some slides to condense the time to 30 mins.

Thanks :)

Robin Brackez at 14:42 on 28 Jan 2019

This is one of those few talks that contains ideas that I'll actually be able to use in real life. Good job!