Alice and Bob are the protagonists of so many cryptographic tutorials. And at least for me those tutorials where most of the time very cryptic. But encryption and digital signatures are part of our everyday duties so wouldn’t it be great to understand what we are doing there? At least to a certain extend?

So let me take you on to a journey with Alice and Bob and have a look at what Cryptography is about(no deep-dive into the mathematics behind. Promise!). And along the way we will learn about trust and how to use that in everyday life like with E-Mail or Git.


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Nice two feet on the ground session about cryptography, mostly about authenticity. A lot of code samples to help you get started. Overall, good talk.

A great history lesson and all around fun talk to see why cryptography and signing stuff is important. Could notice from time to time it was the first time the speaker did this talk as they sometimes lost track of where they were in the presentation.

Koen Cornelis at 12:51 on 26 Jan 2020

I liked this, but sadly not enough about how to use it in everyday life.

Jarno lasseel at 14:33 on 26 Jan 2020

I did not really know what I was in for when I walked in, but Cryptography interests me. I liked the explanations and that you indeed did not dive into the math and details of the actual Cryptography. Good examples on the why and how to use this, the history of it all. It all made allot of sense to someone not really knowing the first thing about it.

For the speaker I would like to suggest working on removing the "euh" from your speaking, but being the first time you gave this talk I think it went very well.

I liked the context about cryptography, the little bit of background so to speak. Just to get a feeling for what it is we're dealing with. I think it fit especially well with the time slot you had on the Saturday afternoon, too. What's more, i heard some nice new things, about key signing sessions for example, which i did not know about yet. Thank you