An Event Sourced Score App for a Card Game


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Johan Vervloet (Speaker) at 13:37 on 25 Jan 2020

Slides are available:

I feel like the demo should've been less about "here's how we play Wiezen" and more about "here's what event sourcing is and why it's powerful". I feel like you needed a pretty decent understanding already of what Event Sourcing is to be able to follow with the talk.

Also would've loved some more technical background (e.g. "didn't use a framework because reasons x, y").

I felt it was an original idea to ask questions to the audience, until I realised they were actual "please help me"-questions, I think it would've been better suited to propose a "I would like to discuss this further and have some actual questions, anyone with experience, do you want to get together later and discuss this".

Timo Schinkel at 21:44 on 1 Feb 2020

I have the impression you have a thorough understanding of event sourcing. I think you could have maybe structured the talk a bit better so that you're telling a logical story. But also without that I really liked the idea and the execution of the project.