To improve your code base, you run an audit. Now, with so many diagnostics, the situation appears to be overwhelming. If you have a mere million lines of code, it may display thousands of errors, in various orders. And with that, the market leaves no time to reduce technical debt before the next feature: we’ll do it when pressure gets lighter, right? WRONG!

Code quality starts with a daily review. Learn how to navigate in the results of code audits that actually find more issues than you want.

During this workshop, we’ll check PHP classic traps, architecture errors, security vulnerabilities and logical bugs. We’ll see how to detect those bugs, how they happen, and how to prepare a fix (or not). By the end, you’ll be able to set up your own coding reference, the one that reflect your style of coding in your projects.


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Really interesting. Some tools to use! mainly in the way if we are new on a project.

Could be a more structured workshop, maybe with better objectives or a clear track. Could be, kind of a game where we have to find some information as a spy or something.


I’m very pleased to see that Demien gethered all the questions and all important guidelines on one place that will help you to get into legacy project, analyse it and understand it. Based on approach presented on workshop, you can set goals and understand the legacy project with most of its problems in the shortest possible time.

As a improovement to this workshop, or maybe the workshop next level, I would like to see some best practices for code review when working with difs.

At the end of the day this was one great workshop.