Kubernetes is a very powerful container orchestration platform that is quickly gaining traction and gives you lots of benefits in deploying, running and scaling your microservice web application. But it has also a steep learning curve.

In this workshop you will deploy your first application which consists of multiple Micro-Services to Kubernetes and learn how you can use persistent storage and service meshes and set up sensible monitoring.


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Very interesting tutorial!
I wish we had more time to cover extra topics, I feel like we have been cut short in discovering features.
The good side though is that even considering the time constraint, Bastian did not rush it, and went into extensive explanations on everything that was happening.

Patrick Blom at 08:11 on 26 Jan 2020

Great workshop with many interesting facets.
The code examples were clean and structured so that everyone could follow them properly. I think it gave every attendee a solid base to start with Kubernetes. Thx Bastian for sharing your knowledge with us.

What a workshop! Great examples, well prepared, 3 hours was not long enough but enough to get the gist of what kubernetes is, what you can do with it.
10/10 would recommend.

I wanted to have a crash course on k8s , and Bastian did a tremendous job at giving me one! A full day would have been better but I feel ready to discover more of it myself!