What is it what we do? I believe we are problem solvers. But not just problems, complex problems. And most of the time these problems are unknown to us. This is what makes our job challenging. This is why we love our job.

So how to find the problems we need to solve. And how to come up with solutions for these problems? You might have heard about the Double Design Diamond as a structure to face design challenges. I found this structure to be a nice and easy way to explore options and make choices, as a team.

In this talk I’ll explain why it is hard for us to come up with right solutions for the right problems. How the Double Design Diamond structure can help organising the design choices. Afterwards you are capable to explain why the Double Design Diamond approach might work to your team members.


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Koen Cornelis at 15:21 on 25 Jan 2020

Good talk.

Points of improvement:
- every now and then the speaker was reading his notes to know how to continue, this could take some time and interrupted the flow of the presentation.
- the speaker talked about a design diamond, but as far as i could see they were two design triangles (wel, upward and downward slope). The concept as to why it's a diamond was never explained, it looked to me as if two slopes of each diamond were missing.
- every now and then the speaker was hard to understand.

Jarno lasseel at 14:15 on 26 Jan 2020

Rather short talk, but overall interesting to hear. I also agree with the other comment of "Koen Cornelis"
Really liked the concept of finding people to present / throw ideas and finding people to actually help reduce / "shoot down" ideas. Also the parts with real / possible situations with customers was interesting.

I liked this talk and it definitely was inspiring. :)

It's always interesting to hear the experience of other fellow developers. That said, at some point an example of an (agile) user story was used to show why agile doesn't (always) work ... but imho that example was a bad one, because for me it was more an epic than a story. There is no single way of doing stuff when it comes to planning and everything needs to be adapted to the customers and/or the developers.

Where I do join the speaker completely is to be in close collaboration with the business! How you then work, or what methodology you use is up to the team.