There are so many benefits from code review; lower development costs, increased code quality, quick up-skilling and on-boarding of team members. Despite these benefits many teams don’t have code review as part of their process at all. Others don’t get the gains they should from it.

This talk first outlines the business case for code review. It then explores how to make code review effective, specifically looking at:

Expectations of what can be achieved with code review.
- What should be covered by code review (including example code)
- What should not be covered by code review
- How to write code that makes code review easy
- What makes good code review comments
- What makes good responses to code review comments
- Finally to wrap up you’ll be shown how to enable a code review with Github. Spoiler alert: It can be done it under 5 mins!

So if you are on a team that isn’t using code review, or isn’t using it effectively then you should be at this talk.


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One of the best talk about the subject that I have seen so far. It was clear, we god tips, we have the word to sell it. Thanks a lot!

Dana Luther at 13:23 on 25 Jan 2020

This was a great overview of how and why to implement Code Review. I appreciated the focus on de-escalation and keeping the review on the conceptual level as opposed to getting into the standards that can be automated.

Great insights on why & how to do code reviews. One could clearly see that the speaker has a lot of experience in that field. Very well presented.

For me, the best talk I saw at the conference. The slides were amazingly clear and the talk was very well structured. Pretty much text book "how should I do a talk". Speaker was saying things that weren't always new to me, but that made me immediately agree with what they were saying when it was new information. Speaker was obviously very experienced and knowledgeable and was able to provide clear and honest answers after the talk.

Jarno lasseel at 14:40 on 26 Jan 2020

A real good and convincing talk to try and start doing code review. Good structured and very well brought by the speaker. Good amount of tips and a great focus on the key points.

Nothing new for me, but that also meant I/we are doing it right!

But the reason I like the talk so much is the way the speaker presented it! Clear agenda up front and very well structured slides and to the point.

The little examples on how to configure Github were nice too!

I think this talk could be followed by a talk with a more in depth practical approach using the different tools out there. For example, what is possible in Github but not in Bitbucket/Gitlab etc and vice versa.

Anyway, if review is still something that you feel can be done better in your company, I highly suggest this talk!

It has been mentioned before, but the structure of the talk was really nice and the talk just had a very nice flow about it.

Contents wise, for me code reviewing as a concept was not new. However, it was good to have a clear and concise talk about it, and also, to get pointers on how to use this tool as effectively as possible, which I had not given that much thought to before.