Think about PHP for a few seconds… What came to mind? It’s very likely you thought about your average product catalog, a blogging platform, or how the platform is inferior to things like Node.js. But wait, it’s 2020! What if I told you PHP’s huge ecosystem has way more to offer and PHP is not inferior at all to its evil cousin Node.js?

In this talk you will learn about the core concepts of async PHP and why you too should care about ReactPHP being a real thing. The talk has a strong focus on sparking the idea that PHP can be way faster and more versatile than you probably thought. Bring along an open mind, and through lots of interesting examples and live demos learn why what sounds crazy at first might soon be a valuable addition in your toolbox.

You’re already familiar with PHP and want to learn what ReactPHP is all about? Then this talk is for you! We will start from scratch and see what it takes to build an application that pushes data from your command line to your browser in real-time. You’re invited to join the interactive demos or lean back and learn more about why an event-driven approach might be the next big thing in making your application faster and more responsive.


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Cool! I never heard about ReactPHP before, but this was a very interesting talk. And I really liked the live demo. I will certainly consider using the ServerSideEvents and ReactPHP in a project I am doing.

Very good talk. Nice pace & confident, pleasant speaking style. Good balance between explaining the concepts and hands-on demoing. Made me eager to give it a try.

Patrick Blom at 09:30 on 26 Jan 2020

Good talk, with good code examples. Love the interactive part with the chat server.

Daan at 09:50 on 26 Jan 2020

I had honestly never heard of Christian before, but I am now a big fan! A fantastic speaker with a clear passion who seems to easily transfer that onto his audience. The live demos were great.

I think you're a great speaker with a nice pace, clear explanation and excellent slides.

This was a great intro into ReactPHP, the real React, showing us the possibilities and how to get started.
Also loved the interactive demo, was a nice touch!

Hot damn!
Live examples, great speaker, great content, easily to grasp difficult concepts with his examples.
10/10 would recommend

Steve Winter at 19:22 on 26 Jan 2020

Great session with clear objectives, clear code, and clear presentation by en excellent speaker.