In many projects, error handling is an afterthought that gets hacked in too late in the process. There is no consensus on how to deal with exceptional conditions. Code is typically dominated by null checks that hide errors and breed more null checks. Error handling logic is inconsistently scattered throughout the codebase making it difficult to reason what the code actually does.

Exceptional conditions are inevitable, we need to write some error handling code. It is therefore imperative to start with solid conventions and structure in order to avoid expensive refactoring at a later stage of the project.

This highly practical talk full of applicable code examples presents manageable strategy for handling errors that makes the code clean, maintainable and less error prone, and provides mechanisms for easier troubleshooting.

Emphasis is on promoting exceptions as first-class citizens of the project through some of the essential techniques for structuring and modeling exceptions. Special attention is also given to the solution for implementing centralized error handling system equipped with features that make managing exceptions efficient and keep the user experience consistent. Overall, the combination of these practices constitute a robust and scalable error handling architecture.


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Steve Winter at 12:31 on 25 Jan 2020

A very well constructed talk with clear definitions and excellent code samples which supported the message, well delivered.

Maybe need just a little more content for a one hour slot.

Boas Falke at 12:32 on 25 Jan 2020

Very impressive appearance on stage. Very serious but definitely not boring. It was obvious that you knew what you are talking about and spent a lot of time on the topic and the presentation. I really liked the highlighting on the slides that made it very easy to follow along, especially when talking about code snippets.

I have often been wondering how to properly handle exceptions. Thank you for these very useful guidelines. And thank you for the insights about returning and passing null.

Jip Moors at 13:47 on 25 Jan 2020

The talk provided good examples that made it easy to transfer the concepts to my colleagues who did not attend. Kept it simple without losing the concepts.
Great that it did not fill the entire hour.
Easy to follow with a good tempo and clear slides.
10/10 would go to another talk.

Koen Cornelis at 15:25 on 25 Jan 2020

Definitely recommend this talk. The author knows what he's talking about & explains it well with good examples.

Very nice slideshow as well, props for that!

Great talk. Good info that is explained with clear examples. Will start implementing what I've learned right away.

Patrick Blom at 09:58 on 26 Jan 2020

Thx for the talk and the explanation of the concepts behind. This was valuable to me!

This was a great talk with lots of valuable insights giving by a great speaker!

It definitely gave me a lot of value. Some parts of my projects are going to get a good overhaul implementing your pointers!

Good job!

Great ideas about exceptions. This could massively improve your code and the way you use exceptions.
Talk was a bit dry, but the insights covered for you.
10/10 would recommend!

Excellent talk and the Nikola has a very clear and concise way of presenting these things so it was easy to follow and to understand. Thanks a lot and I'll definitely start using some of the techniques. :)

Stef Liekens at 07:15 on 27 Jan 2020

This was a great talk! This insights are directly applicable in new and every existing PHP project.

Great talk, learned a few new tricks along the way.
Also liked the highlighting using your pointer, more speakers should use this.