In this tutorial we will go over setting up a standard LEMP stack for development use and learn how to modify it to mimic your production/pre-production environments as closely as possible.

We will go over how to switch from Nginx to Apache, upgrade PHP versions and introduce additional storage engines such as Redis to the equation.

We’ll also step through how to run both unit and acceptance suites using headless Selenium images in the stack.

Leave here fully confident in knowing that whatever environment you get thrown into, you can replicate it and work in it comfortably.


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Koen Cornelis at 12:03 on 24 Jan 2020

well prepared workshop with different git branches for every step of the way ... so it's easy to catch up if you screw up somehow (or like me had some problems with the os).

Also very nice speaker, she couldn't do more to ensure everyone was following along.