Now you will probably have heard of PHP_CodeSniffer as a tool to check your code for consistent code style, but did you know it can also be used to check for common best practices ?

Out of the box, PHPCS already contains the basics to check your code against common industry metrics, however, when you add a few external standards into the mix, it can do so much more. Suddenly you can check your code for PHP cross-version compatibility, check your unit tests for using the right assertion or enforce strict typing across your application.

Join Juliette to learn about a variety of external standards available, what they can do for you and how to integrate them in the tooling you already use every day.


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I’ve been confused by phpcs in the past, but no longer, thanks to Juliette’s talk!

Thanks for the talks, very instructive. Discover a lot more about phpcs that I was aware of.
and overall the talk give more than wath I was expected

Dana Luther at 13:20 on 25 Jan 2020

Really enjoyed this presentation. The examples were very clear and the entire session was engaging. A few more specific examples (the generic was good conceptually) on how to create modified rule sets would be helpful, if time permitted.

As Mr Burns would say... Excellent. I can not wait to get back to work and make our ruleset better.

Patrick Blom at 09:33 on 26 Jan 2020

Thx for the talk, it definetly helped me to get more out of phpcs for my projects

A good refresher about php codesniffer, good live demo’s, a bit out of date slides (could use a bit of a touch up, but content was great). Learned new interesting ways to use the tools the help my workload

I liked this talk a lot, it was given by a passionate speaker, who sure knows her stuff. Live demo-ing is always a coinflip at best, but you handled your laptop crashing quite well.

I already use PHPCS during development, but it was nice to see some examples of configuring it to your own wishes (sniffs).

Well done.

Jarno lasseel at 14:19 on 26 Jan 2020

I walked out of this talk and just wanted to dive into PHPCS and play around with all the sniffs
Very passionate speaker, she knows her stuff and explained it clearly. I also really liked the demo's and that the audience was asked what we wanted to see sniffed / working. When presented with a not prepared question for a demo she fixed one real quick. The speaker was also not really set back by the laptop freezing up, and showed a great level of control.

Steve Winter at 19:23 on 26 Jan 2020

Clear and well structured, though it did feel a little rushed towards the end.

Nice overview of all phpcs it's features and good to see how you handled the frozen laptop in-between. Great job, every PHP developer should see this!

Marco Hein at 21:15 on 27 Jan 2020

Very clear and well explained.

Thank you for a great talk. I thought it was very clear and very well explained. Although a bit chaotic at times, really liked the live demo. It helped to get a feeling of how to actually work with sniffs. I'm interested to explore this further :).