You are tired of documenting yours application architecture in wikis? You want an updated definition with your source code changes? You want failing continuous integration pipelines on violations?

I will show how you could track your application layers, enforce rules between them and document your definitions within your repository.


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Interesting talk. I learned about a new tool that we could really use in our projects (deptrac). Cool demo on the symfony codebase.

You can still work on your presentation skills, but I'm sure those will improve the more talks you'll give in the future.

Jos Elstgeest at 14:30 on 25 Jan 2020

Well done on your first conference talk.
Another tool for my toolchain (deptrac), brilliant!

Maybe for a future version of this talk add some more in depth info on hexagonal architecture as to explain the need for such a tool.

Practice makes perfect so try and present this talk as often as you can and keep improving it and yourself every time.
Good luck on your speaker career!

Nice talk, where I've learned about a new tool that I will look into.

Easy example that demonstrates how the tool works.
A little more info about hexagonal architecture would have been nice, so it becomes clear why the tool is useful. I know what hexagonal architecture is, but others might not.

It was the first time for this speaker to talk in front of an audience. He was a little nervous and because of that sometimes hard to understand.

Thank you very much for taking the courage to step & present, especially in a foreign language. Contentwise the talk was good structured and easy to follow along.

Interesting but not 100% what I was expecting.

However, the structure was clear, the examples were good and the slides were informative.

I did notice it was not your native tongue, which made it sometimes a bit hard to follow. No worries though, this is something you can work on and improve.

Kudos already for stepping up to the plate and giving the presentation!

It is pretty damn cool!
The gentleman in the audience is absolutely right.

To bad for your nerves, try working on those and a bit deeper dive in your examples. I would love to see some real live code, maybe setup a small project with a common mistake, real (partial) setup of the yaml rule set. This would give me a better first impression on why we need this cool tool.

Don’t let this 2 star rating stop you from speaking! It is a pretty cool thing, but the talk needs some love to convince the audience.

Well done for your first big conference talk.

In all honesty, you were a bit hard to follow sometimes, with your accent making you sometimes hard to understand. You also had to backtrack a few times, adding to you being hard to follow. Do not take this personally though, I completely understand (I'm due to give my first talk myself in a month's time).

The subject itself is not an easy one to give a talk about, but you managed to get your points trough, and at the very least you made more than a few attendees gaze at the screen while you were demo-ing your tools, and that's always a good sign :)

Keep on talking on conferences and user groups - you obviously have a talent for it . Keep nurturing it.

Marco Hein at 21:11 on 27 Jan 2020

Good story and strategy. Nice tool.

Interesting talk on an equally interesting tool.
The talk itself could benefit by explaining hexagonal architecture and how this tool enforces the separation of the layers.
Overall good talk, but needs a bit more practice.