Graphs are part of our reality! Therefore it is essential to have a database capable of handling this type of data with high performance. In this talk we will talk about how to use PHP with Neo4J by manipulating graphs simply and quickly.


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Could have been more interesting: would have loved to listen to the speaker in her native tongue. Some bad luck with tech as well.

Speaker's English was very hard to understand and the slides had a bunch of grammar errors as well. After 30 minutes I felt like I still hadn't heard anything relevant.

It was hard to follow the English because it was with a difficult accent. She told a good base about graph databases but I was hoping to see more of the php and neo4j combo.

Jarno lasseel at 13:56 on 26 Jan 2020

This speaker has allot of enthusiasm, and therefore it wasn't all that clear what she said. I suggest working on calm english speaking. Try not to run past yourself as we say in Belgium.
There where a few technical issues with the beamer, and it was good that after a few minutes the speaker tried to move on without the slides and the beamer. While technical staff tried to resolve the issue.

This had potential, but I also would have liked more of the PHP and Neo4J examples, when and how to use.