Time to close down the conference with some awesome prizes!


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Koen Cornelis at 12:50 on 26 Jan 2020

I always like the closing raffles, good ambiance and great video preview as per usual.
One recurring pain point: the raffle numbers were all from the same 150-range. I keep hearing grumbles about that. PHP-WVL has a nice raffler, why not use that?

Steve Winter at 19:32 on 26 Jan 2020

A generally fun end to the conference though somehow all but one of the raffles were won by three digit tickets (in a fairly narrow range), yet quite a number of us had a two digit ticket!

Thanks to all the sponsors for generously providing those prizes though!

A happy end! :)

I like this part ... always want to win something, but never do đŸ˜…

And the teaser of this editions video looks very promising. Hopefully it will be there a bit sooner than usual :)