There are some exciting new things in Symfony 5. Besides removing some deprecations and bumping the PHP verison requirements, several components have left the experimetal stage. the Mailer & Mime, HttpClient (and why do we need one?), Notifier, String handling, and more. In this talk, we’ll look at the new features in depth both from the high level perspective of using them in Symfony full stack, and how you can fit the pieces together and use them in any generic PHP application.


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Koen Cornelis at 15:23 on 25 Jan 2020

Good info from someone who obviously knew his stuf. But the speaker seemed to be not so enthusiastic making the talk a tad hard to follow. There was also a lot of background info, some of which was interesting and some of which was entirely redundant imo (i cannot imagine anyone there did not know what semantic versioning is, i can imagine they don't know that 4.4 = 5.0 but with the depricated bits).

Great overview of the deprecated and the new bits in Symfony5. Just enough teasing to get me curious on figuring out the new functionality.

I've seen you speak before and it was always a great experience. However, this time fell like you had a bit of an off day.

But nonetheless, great talk, fun slides and jokes in between and I know you're a great speaker.

It was a bit hard to follow and I think two things could be improved:
- strip some stuff that most devs know (such as semantic versioning) and add some kind of agenda in the beginning to build some tension
- you use a lot of "ähm" (as most of us do ;), but it's a bit distracting. There is a trick to avoid this - just make a pause instead and it will be much easier to listen

I was expecting a completely different talk. Didn't really learn anything new. If you haven't been around symfony for some time I guess this is very useful ... but following it closely didn't expose a lot new to me.

It was also not easy to follow at the end of the room although the usage of a beamer in the middle of the room (more an organisational problem)

Good talk on the new bits, but the part about semver and deprecations could've been left out imo.