During this presentation, we are going to look at the new features that are being introduced PHP 7.4. Join me to have a look at how the type system is strengthened with typed properties and co- and contra-variance of methods, what changes to operator precedence are, and which new features, such as pre-loading classes, are going to be introduced.

At the end you will have a good understand about all the new and exciting features that are going to be part of the upcoming PHP 7.4 release.


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Dana Luther at 18:17 on 24 Jan 2020

This was a great overview of the features and changes to be aware of in 7.4 - very helpful and clear examples. 🙌

Koen Cornelis at 23:38 on 24 Jan 2020

Far too long an explanation about FFI and other reflection. Features i was interested in were brushed over.

+1 for using icons in classes names 😊

Very comprehensive talk. It gave me a good overview of what's new in 7.4, and i felt like the way all of the different new features were given an example, and a bit of time and attention, was really well done.

Daan at 09:38 on 26 Jan 2020

Great talk! Easy to understand and spent just the right amount of time on each item. Used emoji in code which I would never do in real code, but it made the talk a lot clearer.

Great recap of what's new in PHP7.4 and how it can be used. Derick is very knowledgeable, but a tomato doesn't belong a fruit salad.

Niels C at 09:40 on 27 Jan 2020

Emoji's where nice extra to keep the attention.
For me, there was a nice balance between new main features and some exotic things like FFI.

Nice overview of the new features. Some features (e.g FFI) felt a bit too long, but might be because I found these less interesting