If you are not writing tests yet, you should start. Tests will improve the quality of your code, reduce bugs and probably force you to think more about design and quality. Actually, the hardest thing is to start and figure out which type of tests to write.

So you start researching and you find a lot of different materials and get even more confused.Even when you decide what type of tests to use, it can be hard to decide how to test some specific logic in your app.

Don’t give up! We have some tips we learned along the way that will hopefully make your life easier. In this talk you will hear about different test types and when to use them. We’ll also show some tools for checking quality of your test.


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Very thorough and detailed, well presented, but I felt a little overwhelmed in places

I love writing tests and I do it a lot, but even with my experience I couldn't always follow.

For someone who has no experience with testing it would be impossible to understand. (In my 10 years of experience as a php developer I've rarely come in contact with developers that knew how to unit test.)

There were a lot of examples given, but I feel this talk could be more effective as a tutorial where someone can actually learn how to write the tests, instead of just being told how.
It could even be a multiple day course. I would love to enroll for that, I believe you can teach me some things. Maybe next year ;)

I was expecting a bit more depth regarding the API testing and less basics (like what's a unit, integration test etc.). Also the way of presenting was very fast paced so sometimes a bit difficult to follow. Other than that it was a good talk and a lot of practical information.

Great talk on how the various stages of testing impact time/performance.
Imho this talk could easily be converted into an api testing workshop for php benelux 2021.