PHP has come a long way since it’s days as a handful of Perl scripts. These days it powers some of the most powerful applications on the web.

Let’s take some time to look at where we are, and where things seem to be headed. We’ll discuss some new tricks the elePHPant has learned, and consider some we hope it will learn soon.

Oh, and I’ll tell ElePHPant jokes. Here’s one to get you started.

Q: Why did the elephant cross the road?

A: Chicken’s day off.

Yeah…I’ve got a LOT more. 🙂


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Cool Keynote. Entertaining and inspirational. Perhaps went on a little longer than needed.

This is a good speaker, he made some interesting points. I didn't actually learn new things, but certainly worth hearing.

Very good speaker!

The content was way better than the jokes :)

Patrick Blom at 08:15 on 26 Jan 2020

Cool Talk! Great Speaker / Entertainer!

Always love seeing you speak Cal!

It was interesting to have a little throwback to the early days and then the view on the future :)

Uncle Cal is an institute and knows how to entertain a crowd. The comments on the workings of internals felt a little weird.

It's a keynote by one of the most entertaining speakers in the PHP community, Uncle Cal Evans. What more is there to say? :) It was a perfect start to the PHP Benelux 2020 conference.

Jarno lasseel at 13:46 on 26 Jan 2020

A good and fun trip down the road of the ElePHPant, and a very good speaker!

Sorry Cal, the jokes were really terrible 🤷‍♂️

Steve Winter at 19:18 on 26 Jan 2020

An entertaining start to the conference proper. Not sure about the jokes though!

Very good talk! It could have been a bit shorter to be honest!

Very entertaining, but a bit too long.

You're always a great speaker and I liked the bad jokes. Nice to see "which way is the elephpant pointed" being used across the talk.

I love past, present and future-talks, especially from someone rooted as deep as Cal Evans + pro speaker, of course.

Koen Cornelis at 13:51 on 30 Jan 2020

Good talk, entertaining speaker.

Only a three because of two reasons:
1. the jokes were bad. The way the talk was described/announced raised different expectations. There really was only one good joke (the last one).
2. After about 15 mins i had difficulty keeping interested because it became a lot of the same. PHP is only as strong as the community, you're right ... but the repetition of that point felt very American to me and made it hard to keep following.