Your code sucks, let's fix it


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entertaining talk, I really liked the examples that progressed into good code slide by slide. I am not sure I agreed 100% on every point or final example, but as you already stated at the start not all rules are set in stone.

Really useful tips for how people can make their code 'even' better! ;) Clear presentation!

Very good talk! Excellent examples, slides are well done and presentation skills are ery good! I really enjoyed this talk!

Great talk. Clear slides with no (except for bad example) strange/full/amount code examples. Great use of 'Tips' and 'Fix' bullets that clearly show the way and points to fix the code. Rafael was 'in' his subject, he was taking pleasure to present us his topic.

Really enjoyed this talk, interesting examples and s couple of thought-provoking points!

I thought your form was very good: you were passionate, funny and knowledgeable. Your content was great stuff, even though some of the examples maybe could have been refactored even more. Although I understand it's easy to say it out of context, the functions doing form construction and then using it violated 'seperating factories and workers' which is a testability killer. But code examples are difficult with so much critics and I thought you did great.

You practiced what Skoop preached :)

Awesome presentation! Really enjoyed it, i am totally watching my code differently now.

Haven't attended the live session. But I went through the slides.
I enjoyed it, very neat, beautifully presented with nice code colors. And the content was of GOOD quality. So it's a brilliant job!
Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge and help others.

+ You replied to all my queries, so it's a 5 on 5 from me! Kudos!


Great talk with awesome tips! Passionately presented and clear slides.

Anonymous at 14:54 on 2 Mar 2012

Nice talk! I didn't agree with exact every thing but at least you showed me some very intresting thins. Especially how to deal with the if/else structures in your action controller! Thanks!

Anonymous at 12:56 on 3 Mar 2012

Nice talented post, better tips for new developers. Thanks again.

Interesting talk and great speaker!