15 Pro-tips for MySQL users


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nice talk giving some practical tips! Especially the tips about cardinality and the large amount UTF8 indexes use where very useful.

Liked the talk, it refreshed some knowledge, but I also heard some new things. Got myself a little larger list of stuff I need to read up on :)

Excellent list of tips. Some of them I knew, some of them I didn't know, and a couple I thought I knew about turned out to be completely different (varchar, anyone?). Awesome talk, every PHP developer working with MySQL should see this one at least once.

Great new talk by Joshua! Even the first was partly unknown to me... and that should have been the simple one everyone completely knows!

I agree with Stefan that more people should see this!

Very good talk. Had some practical and easy to use tips.
I am definitely gonna use some of them.
And some reading to do.

Great talk and a lot of information!
Only some things weren't completely new for me. Information about indexes was very useful, I didn't know it was that bad at times!

Also nice to see a speaker so enthusiastic about the topic he is speaking about. :)

Only downside was the size of the examples on the screen, but that was picked up in a good way by explaining in detail what was on the screen.